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drilling again...

May 2014


On a special extended stand, the drill was used to sample another pelycosaur. A well earned BBQ after a challenging but successful day! Courtesy of Johannes Richter (geol. survey), Martin Sander, Jörg Schneider, Christen Shelton, Nico Richter, and Marcel Hübner.



drilling into the babies

July 2013


histological sampling on early amniote juveniles - together with Christen Shelton (Bonn) and Jörg Schneider (also photographers)

documentation of early amniote fossils

Documentary sketches before the final drawing help to clear up the anatomy and preservation. Tracing paper over colored print-out, scaled to 200% of natural size, by observing the fossils and casts.

casts of early amniote fossils

For my planned dissertation some Permian amniote fossils have to be cast. The soft bones have left natural casts in the limestone that can be documented as the original shapes when molded with silicone.