about me & this website

Frederik Spindler

Welcome to my homepage!

My name is Frederik Spindler. I'm a geologist/paleontologist and freelance illustrator from Freiberg (Saxony, Germany). By this website I present you my offers, images from my work or pure fun with paleontology. It's focused on fossil vertebrates like dinosaurs or early mammal-like amniotes. This is what I draw and paint, reconstruct and sculpture. My special interest is concerning popular science, meaning well illustrated research and attractive exhibition.


Dinosaurier aus Lebkuchen
photo: student body / K.Kranz

curriculum vitae

  • born on Dec 24th 1983 in Großröhrsdorf (Saxony)

  • 1990 – 2002 school education, secondary school qualifying

  • 2002/03 military duty

  • 2003-2009 academic studies at Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg, M.Sc. geology/paleontology

  • 2009 beginning of free-lancing

  • since 2011 research in Freiberg

[the photo shows a dinosaur baken by fellow studens for my diploma defense]

personal interests

This website deals with my main interest: vertebrate paleontology, through the artist's eyes. But I like drawing in general. Furthermore I spend my time on theology, song-writing and nature.

practical experience

For I am interested in the public impact of paleontology, I was pleased to pass two trainings at the Museum für Naturkunde Chemnitz. Thereby I produced some stuff for the special exhibition „Strandsteine“, preliminary work for the first sculpture of a saurian as well as an article on pterosaurs.

As a paleo-illustrator I had the chance to help many colleagues to stock their publications with images. This led to the focus on fossil freshwater sharks, illustrated from fossil documentation to egg capsule reconstructions, from fleshed out animals to environmental models. Purchases have been ordered by newspapers, exhibitions, TV productions and magazines. You may have a look on examples listed among scientific stuff or further published artwork.

During my academic studies and my research in Freiberg I joined some fieldwork and excavations. Dealing with the primary data is important for the realistic imagination an illustrator needs. For more about research click here.


my artwork and the internet

Before this website there have been other online presences, e.g. on geoberg.de or by two own galleries. Some pictures have been copied illegally, including print media. Not everyone of the paleo community joins the polite way of those who know how to ask for licenses. Such experience forces to protect my artwork. After the old one (shown at the right) I use a new watermark now. Thanks for your understanding that this is a reference site, not a free offer.

Die Entwicklung des Logos in verschiedenen Schritten

the logo

Within the logo, both aspects of my work, art and paleontology, are united. The three optic base colors, produced by the refraction of white light, together with the stylized lizard outline, represent the universe of depiction. The almost totally alienated mode reminds that pictures are a language, capable of so many codifications. At the same time the animal appears exotic. Its shape is cute, though anatomical details point to the observation of nature. The image can't be taken from reality, but connects abstract thinking with the pure sight of the unknown - thus what's inside people, and what encounters from outside. May it become a symbol for the passion we share...


I'd like to thank Christian Zenker, Anke & Jens Engelmann as well as Jörg Schneider for programming, advice and constant support of my work. Special thanks to Jan Fischer, a silent collaborator, who is my most enthusiastic fan, hiding that by being the sharpest critic (after myself). Many others deserve thanks for photographing, critics and opinions, and of course for being my clients!