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long time no see!

fall 2015


It's been some time since I've made the last update. Well, there was some reason. A dissertation, for instance. And other projects, like merriage. But I couldn't allow this year to pass by without taking a day off to show you what was going on:


publications and link to dissertation thesis



published illustrations

scientific stuff

... and of course some images from the time since my last update - which has been in spring 2014, oh dear...

working at the PIN for some days

after-defending - punishment for getting a PhD

and a string of impressions from the sculpturing job - see final results here

my new studio...

April/May 2014

thanks to all the great helpers, I'm ready to work at a new address. All the paintings did well during the transport, one maquette lost its fragile ear, another one a tail. So, no problems at all. And the first items are about to get ready soon...

public business

December 2013


still über-busy, but nice to have some little impact in public perception: visited by Dr. Annette Richter (photographer) from Hannover, to check the results for an order funded by the Klosterkammer Hannover - and Dr. Jan Fischer and me on a list of awarded Freiberg citizens, thankfully noticed

new calendar released!

Sept 2013

under the support of the GEOSKOP Urwelt-Museum (Thallichtenberg, GER), the new calender is ready to be ordered now. Please use the contact form or write directly to

L.A. county museum

Oct 2013


during the SVP annual meeting in Los Angeles...

Tilly Edinger prize for Dr. Jan Fischer - on mesozoic fishes

fall 2013


After years of exact (and well ilustrated ;-) work, our forer Freiberg colleague Dr. Jan Fischer got the well earned Tilly Edinger prize for his research on extinct shark's lifestyle at the 2013 Göttingen meeting - congratulations!


Connected to the latter, some dateon the fish (and insect and vertebrate and shelly's) lagerstätte from Madygen (Triassic of Kyrgyzstan) were presented on the Mesozoic Fish Meeting in Vienna, 2013. 1st poster prize.

busy times

but cannot say I don't love it

before painting...

... there is much work to do! Discussing and sketching with Annette Richter and Jahn Hornung, first steps on some Early Cretaceous Scenes.

dinosaur track sites of Northern Germany

July 22nd 2013

under supervision of the team of Annette Richter (Hannover), we had a wonderful weekend trip to Obernkirchen and Münchehagen, Early Cretaceous dinosaur tracksites

after my great research journey

coming home from a 3-months documentation trip (Aprilo to June 2013), I remember a wonderful time - thanks to all the helpers and friends I met! I spent one week each in Norman/OKL, Pittsburgh, and Cambridge/MA, then 2 weeks in Montreal, and  s e v e n  with the great team of Robert Reisz in Mississauga/ONT. What a great chance, so I then will work on thankfully!  

Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, Norman/OKL
Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh/PA; with Ami Henrici and Dave Berman

Museum of Comparative Zoology, Cambridge/Ma (Harvard Univ.)

Redpath Museum, McGill University, Montreal/QC

Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto/ONT - with Michael Caldwell, Tiago Simoes, Aaron LeBlanc, me, and Kevin Seymour (courtesy of Jasmine Lin, Taiwan)

Robert Reisz' lab, Department of Biology, University of Toronto Mississauga

what's new?

March 2013

new dinosaurs, a Triceratops baby and an unspectacular T.rex ...

pleistocene wolves

the eryopid Glaukerpeton, revision article Illustration


GREAT BIODIVERSITY CYCLE, with oil-painted life reconstructions of several fossil plants, invertrebrates, and vertebrates 


latest cover girls

Dec 22nd 2012

The featured article of SEMANA vol. 27, an exhaustive paper about the Nýřany dissorophoid amphibians (Late Carboniferous, Czech Rep.), presents Nyranerpeton amilneri WERNEBURG 2012 n. gen. et n. sp. - click here for gallery view

Cover of SEMANA 27 (2012) by Naturhistorisches Museum Schleusingen.

new paleo-art calendar 2013

A compilation of 2011 and 2012's best art work in paleontology reconstruction. The perfect gift for all researchers, collectors and enthusiasts.        order calendar via contact form          visit the shop

what's new?

Nov 25th

Unfortunately I cannot show you the best scientific documentations I'm drawing these months, for they have to wait for publication. But there's new stuff on life reconstructions and backgrounds. AND DON'T FORGET TO ORDER THE 2013 PALEO-ART CALENDAR !



Paläontologische Gesellschaft jubilee meeting

The paleontological society was founded in 1912. In Sept 2012 the annual meeting was celebrated in Berlin. Contributions and posters will be listed in the publication list.

talk on pelycosaurs
the bone dungeon
always drawing

what's new?

After a long and busy summer I'm here again with the latest artwork and travel images. See the following new contents:


  • "from pencil to pickax - summer activities 2012" (just below) shows you some places where I have been, some people I met

from pencil to pickax - summer activities 2012

Sept 17th

I've been on several journeys to document fossils bones, meet interesting people, and also to dig for new fossils. Some impressions...

(Photographs by A.Mudroch, Geoskop, J.Radley, Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, J.Falconnet)

with Dr. Ute Richter, NaTourWissen, in front of our institution in Freiberg
my dear Richard Mally, discussing some whale sketches with me
Thomas Bach and me, with Cryptovenator, GEOSKOP, Thallichtenberg
Dr. Jon Radley at Warwickshire museum
me, at the same place
Berlin, face to face with Lystrosaurus, and my cellar room for documenting Datheosaurus
excavation in Oberhof, Thuringia, with many Permian plants, some amphibians, sharks, and invertebrates
meeting Jocelyn Falconnet in Paris

new paleo-art calendar 2013

Finally it is ready - a compilation of 2011 and 2012's best art work in paleontology reconstruction. The perfect gift for all researchers, collectors and enthusiasts.        order calendar via contact form          visit the shop

work report

July 4th

As expected, my employment leaves not much time for artwork. Nevertheless, many projects are running, e.g. more Wealden dinosaurs. I had some visitors to my studio. Things are going fine.

Here is what's new on this website:

new dinosaur reconstruction

fossil sharks and mammals

numerous sketches and ideas

half-time: the 2012 calendar review


visitors to my art studio: Valeri Golubev was here in May (together with Zhuo "Jumper" Feng who took the photo; and the NaTourWissen Team visited me in June (Alexander Mudroch and photographer Ute Richter, here in the university collection)

research employment

April 10th

Soon, my DFG-funded employment will start. The next years primitive sphenacodonts are what I dream of...

(large picture: Palaeohatteria by Credner, 1888)

bone histology course, Steinmann Inst., Bonn

March 2012

Lead by Prof. Martin Sander, we had a great time learning about paleo-histology in tetrapods. Photographers: Aaron LeBlanc, Carole Gee.

intervista a Frederik Spindler: imprevedibili mondi pietrificati = "unpredictable petrified worlds"

Febr 18th

Fabio Manucci made an interview, which he greatly designed

temnospondyls in oil

Jan 30th 2012

Finally I have finished my latest oil painting this morning. It's on Glaukerpeton, an eryopid, that is about to be revised by Ralf Werneburg and David Berman.


Jan 27th 2012

Together with Ronny Rößler and Robert Noll, we discussed some new calamite tree species from the Permian of Brazil from the original fossils from a petrified forest up to first reconstruction sketches. Natural Science Museum Chemnitz

and further memories ...

Jan 2nd 2012

playing chess last May with my dear Richard Mally, and then drawing: a cynodont (charcoal)

found some old drawings

Jan 2nd 2012

These are some of my first complete drawings dealing with dinosaurs, done between 1998 and 2002.

CD cover illustration

coming on Friday 13th, January 2012


new album by The Beauty of Gemina


how to do...

Dec 14th 2011

Some common mistakes...

studio party

Dec 2011

latest artwork and modifications

Nov 24th 2011

  • get the new PALEO CALENDAR 2012, see below...

I try to write in English now, so please help me if you see mistakes

what's also new? scroll down to see...

  • how I looked when I was 5 years old

  • my new art studio

  • a list of some press communications using my artwork

Calendar "Leben versteinerter Welten" 2012

Finally printed, and already sold for many times. Still available! Order for EUR 15 + portage (don't forget to give me the address!)

my new art studio

Nov 10th 2011

Since two weeks ago my home studio is ready. May the disorder begin!

earliest evidence of dinosaur drawing Freddi

Sept 22nd 2011

This photographs have been taken in march 1989, when I was five years old. Thus you may image me starting at four! Can't believe it.

"... off the beaten path ..." - public relations

Sept 22nd 2011

Years ago I started drawing dinosaurs and soon sold the first pics, when it was nothing but a strange hobby. The last weeks have brought several PR links and press releases for National Geographic, Discovery Channel and others, showing the advance I made - or better: have been given. Thanks to all colleagues and customers! Still hope to walk "off the beaten path", as Stevo Darkly wrote about my work in 2008...

new watermark

I concede the old watermark was annoying. So I created a new one. Thanks for your understanding that I have to protect the work.

Finally ... a new calendar: "Life of Petrified Worlds" 2012

After years of waiting, a new calendar is ready for purchase. It is a pilot scheme, filled with the greatest reconstructions produced during the last months. If you like it and want a 2013 calendar with extra painted life scenes, let this project grow and order the 2012 issue - and have a nice prehistoric time!


I appreciate if you send the poster to your friends and colleagues who love nature or fossils.

"news & infos" going into service ...

July 3rd 2011

Some days ago I got a trade license. Regarding to German law, I'm not just a freelance artist only, but also a self-employed. Looking forward to the calendar sale and new projects. Hope to present new website contents soon...